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Custom Spring Products
Torsion, Cantilever, Belleville, Speciality Springs, and Clock Spring Supplier

Torsion Springs
Designed to apply torsion or store rotational energy, torsion springs have a wide variety of applications, from fine spiral balance springs in mechanical watches to the much heavier torsion springs. Our precision equipment allows us to use a number of different materials to manufacture a wide variety of custom torsion springs.
Cantilever Springs
Also known as flat springs or spring clips, cantilever springs can be manufactured to many different sizes and shapes and are used in many different products. American Precision Spring has the engineering expertise and precision equipment to ensure that our custom cantilever springs meet your part specifications.
Belleville Springs
Sometimes called a Belleville Washer, a Belleville Spring is a cupped spring washer that can be used to provide pre-loading, locking or deflection. Belleville Springs are used in everything from Formula One cars to airplanes. American Precision Spring can manufacture custom Belleville Springs to meet your specific part requirements.
Clock Springs
Mechanical watches need precise mainsprings to provide accurate time keeping. American Precision Spring is a leading clock spring supplier due to our precision equipment, professional engineering team and exacting quality control measures. Let us become your best custom clock spring provider.
Specialty Springs
Springs have many applications in many different industries and in many different products. We can manufacture a number different specialty springs not detailed on our site, including power springs, leaf springs, contact springs, and more. Call us to discuss your specific specialty spring needs.